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Integral Mission

is a mission to both proclaim with our mouths and to demonstrate with our lives that Jesus Christ is Lord. We are not sent to save the world, but to serve the world in the name of the God who saves. The Spirit sends us out to live holistic lives, where Jesus and justice, belief and obedience, worship and social witness become an integral expression of the integrity of our faith. Integral Mission is why Hope is sent.

What is an immersion trip?

it is loving God's people with our hearts and our heads
it is challenging us to live differently
it is searching for the root causes of brokenness
it is seeing hope in a community
it is expanding our views
it is going beyond "us" helping "them"
it is engaging in God's project of shalom
it is social justice
it is humility and openness
it is action and reflection
It is reciprocal
it is building relationshipsphoto


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